W-15 Cement Reports Filed On-Line Railroad Commission Of Texas

On-Line W-15’s


As part of the Texas Oilfield Relief Initiative, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is encouraging oil and gas operators and their associated service companies to file the Form W-15, Cementing Report, online using the RRC Online System.

The Form W-15 must be submitted any time cement is pumped in a wellbore and to report the setting of a Cast Iron Bridge Plug (CIBP).

Starting September 4, 2019 you will no longer be able to mail your W-15 reports to your customer operator. Everyone, both operator and cement vendor will be required to file and certify on-line with Railroad Commission of Texas. Why load down your crew with more paperwork and have to struggle with more computers. We will file all of your cement reports on the TXRRC website for your company. we can assure they are submitted in a timely manner and with accuracy. call us (817) 381-8129 to start streamlining your process.

Below is a list of all on-line filings Oil and Gas Regulatory, LLC can fielon behalf of yoru company

Oil & Gas

  • Oil & Gas Drilling Permit Applications
  • Production Reporting
  • Oil & Gas Well Status Reports
  • Completion Reports
  • Change of Gatherer/Purchaser
  • Disposal Injection Well Monitoring
  • Groundwater Protection Determination
  • SWR-13 Exception
  • Digital Well Logs
    • If reason for filing is Groundwater 
    • If reason for filing is UIC-Permitting
  • Notice of Intention to Plug and Abandon
  • ST-1 Form
  • W-3A Form
  • Directional Survey Application


  • Pipeline Permit Applications
  • Pipeline Integrity Forms
  • Pipeline Damage Reporting