Can you come to our company office?

Yes, we will come and train right in your office. There is no need to spend time and money sending you employees out on a business trip and pay the expenses, have your employees away from their families. We bring it all to you. The advantage is we can help your organization  with actual issues your company maybe experiencing and teach your employees how to promptly resolve those issues.

We have a regulatory person but they can’t get it all done within the timeframe given. Do you consult on longer term projects? 

Yes, we can come to your site or even help you from our office. We can  expedite and complete regulatory projects that have become time sensitive.

We are considering purchasing a package of wells both TA and producing. Our company wants to make sure there are no environmental  issues or hidden regulatory deficiencies before we puchase the package, what can you help us with?

Many companies do not realize that once you purchase the property it is yours and all that comes with it. This can be additional cost after the sale that was not budgeted in the due diligence phase. Our company can look at what your are purchasing and help you find all the problematic wells, severence issues, forms lacking issues and enviromental issues that can harm you down the road. The advantage is you can also make certain you are paying a fair price for the field prior to locking your company into an offer.